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Are You On The Right Track?

In bull markets some investors develop unhealthy expectations as to the long term yields their investments should provide.  A few years ago, some came to accept returns as high as 15% to 20% per annum as the base return their fund and portfolio managers were expected to provide. Of course, these expectations came crashing back to earth in 2008 as the bull was chased away by a very large bear. Today, many fund managers are of the opinion that double digit returns are going to be very difficult to achieve with any consistency over the long term.

Is it time for us to lower our expectations?

If we have to accept lower rates of return, do we still want to be exposed to the same previous level of risk?  There can be tremendous volatility in the equity markets and, as a result, many wonder if they are on the right track with their investment strategy.

4 Questions to ask yourself about your investment strategy

What are my goals?

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The ABCs of cash flow planning

By Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Some people say managing your cash flow is as simple as spending less than you make. But cash flow planning is about a lot more than simple math.

Here’s the good news: all you need to start managing your cash flow is a written plan.


No matter what your income is, you can follow a cash flow plan. In fact, this method of financial management is highly efficient even for those who have high incomes.

Often, even advisors who are helping clients through the process commit to their own cash flow management plans. That way, they can answer clients’ questions and understand people’s challenges throughout the process.

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